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My eyes still have not recovered since last night *glares at Charlie* I hate you...

Ummmm I think I might get all B's on le report card lol n.n *happiness* I'll have to get my grade changed in VOC though cuz yeah it's a D at the moment >< This weekend is going to be busy for lil old me :D

Yeah Charlie's coming over Friday night to hang out, I was gonna go to the movies but I kinda just want a nice quiet night, yah know? Then Saturday I think KT and I might be doing something, she's kinda depressed right now though so not sure whats going on. I hope she feels better soon, I HATE when my friends are depressed.

Then Sunday is the SUPER BOWL!!!! ((notice the caps :D *is excited*)) I can only have three people over though which is not shibby -.- *kicks parents asses*

Hmmmmm so yeah.... go Jenn :D Foooooook! I hate my name -.- it's just so common *stabs it*
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